Finance Policy

Following a review of the finances of Playford Football Club the following rules will apply in for 2018/2019.
The 2018/2019 season starts on 01/07/2018.

1. Fees
  • 1.1 Signing-on fees; The signing on fee will only apply to those who have not yet paid a signing on fee (after 01/07/2018). The signing on fee is £10.
    • 1.1.1 Any player that plays less than 5 games will have their signing on fee converted to club credit.
  • 1.2 Match fees; the standard match fee will remain at £4 for 2018/2019.
    • 1.2.1 Regular goalkeepers match fee is £3. Goalkeepers are expected to provide their own gloves at their own cost. The reduced fee is to compensate for this outlay.
    • 1.2.2 Players playing in only part of the match will pay a reduced fee.
    • 1.2.3 Any player taking the responsibility for running the line during a match (minimum 45 minutes) will receive £1 toward their match fee. If they do not participate in the match they will be given club credit.
2. Obligations of the Finance Officer
  • 2.1 The Finance Officer will maintain a list of all match fees paid and for which games they were paid for every fixture.
  • 2.2 The Finance Officer will provide monthly reminders of fees owed.
  • 2.3 The Finance Officer will provide adequate warnings if players are nearing any ineligibility thresholds.
3. Eligibility for Selection
  • 3.1 No player shall be eligible for selection any competitive fixture of the 2018/2019 season whilst they have arrears. Unless they have agreed a payment plan.
  • 3.2 Players with arrears will be eligible for selection in friendlies, however they will be viewed less favourably than those without and less than trailists.
  • 3.3 No player shall be eligible for selection for any competitive fixture after the first round of either the league cup or county cup, which ever is scheduled later, if they have failed to pay their signing on fee for 2018/2019.
  • 3.4 No player shall be eligible for selection should their match fees remain unpaid for 4 matches or reach £16, which ever occurs first. Any player a week away from this threshold shall be warned as such.
  • 3.5 Players will not be allowed to accrue a debt beyond £30.
4. Transfers
  • 4.1 No player will be allowed to transfer to another club whilst still in arrears to Playford Football Club. This is a league rule for the qualification of players. The rules state that players must have "discharged all reasonable financial liabilities to the previous Club".
  • 4.2 A player joining Playford requiring a transfer will be expected to meet the league administration cost of the transfer, currently £10.
5. Club Recommendations
  • 5.1 Playford Football Club recommends that players pay £15 a month to cover the some of match fees for the forth-coming month, thus preventing significant debts building.
Cost of a Season

Below is a minimum cost of a season. Remember this is now doubled because we have two sides.

I estimate that without a sponsor each side would be losing in the region of £300-£500 a year. This is why club sponsorship is so important.

ExpenseApprox Cost2015
F.A. Fees£50£75
League Fees£140£130
Home Pitch£420
Referee Fees£310£300
EoS Booklets£100