Manager's Player 2019 - Firsts

Jack Shelcott - 1XI Manager's Player

We suffered from not having a consistent team week in, week out this season but thankfully there were a core group of players who could be relied on to turn up almost every week.

Jack was one of those, and what's more important is that I could rely on him to perform every week, no matter what position I put him in. Jack has never made a secret of the fact that he prefers to play higher up the pitch. Ive never made a secret of the fact that I believe he is one of the best full backs we have. This season, Jack played as much as part of our front three as he did as part of our back four, sometimes doing both in one game, but the disruption never affected his high level of performance, proving exactly why he is considered for either position.

In his 20 appearances this season Jack grabbed six goals and five assists, including a goal and two assists in our 4-1 win away at Pauls one of our best performances of the season. It was one of the most productive seasons of anyone in the squad and one of the most productive seasons Jack has had at the club.

After a couple of seasons where Jack has not been around as much it was great to have him back regularly giving me a selection headache!

Congratulations Jack

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