Monday Night Football - Playford Athletico's Season Review
Game 1 v's Mr Punk

 L.Moye; W.Gill; M.Welham
 N.Williams; M.Pryke
 J.Shelcott; C.Smith; B.Stretton
 S.Harding; D.Francis
Subs - D.Harris; Richardson ; T.Bartlett

A very tough start for The Athletico's losing to the eventual champions the oddly named Mr Punk FC with what, on paper, was a very strong and capable Playford squad. Mr Punks strength in midfield and there clinical finishing consigned the Athletico's to the worst possible start. New signing Kieran Richardson grabbing Playford's goal.

Result 1-3 Lost

Game 2 v's Fred Olsen

The Athletico's get there first three points on the board by default as Fred Olsen forfeit, as they were unable to field a team.

Game 3 v's Not Very Re-United

 L.Moye; W.Gill; C.Francis
 D.Francis; M.Pryke
 A.Curtis; N.Williams ; B.Stretton
 K.Richardson ; R.Swann
Subs - M.Welham; S.Harding; C.Jones*

The third game of the season for the Athletico's resulted in a very comfortable 4-0 win against a 10 man Not very Re-United side..... Well they only turned up with 9 but our very own Chris Jones decided to take pity on our opponents and offer to play for them. As you would expect the game was all Playford with Rene Swann grabbing a brace. New midfield playmaker Nico Williams and forward Kieran Richardson scored one each.

Result 4-0 Won

Game 4 v's Haven Power

 C.Francis; D.Harris; J.Larkins
 D.Francis; T.Bartlett
 N.Williams ; S.Hanley; B.Stretton
 M.Pryke ; S.Harding
Sub - L.Moye

Playford started off very well and should've been ahead within three minutes as Simon Harding was sent through one on one but a heavy first touch gave him too much to do and the Haven Power 'keeper made a fairly comfortable save. Playford went ahead around the eight-minute mark, Byron Stretton with a forward run tries to take on the Haven Power centre-back, the defender gets in a firm but fair challenge and the ball bounces back off Byron into the path of Nico Williams. Williams hit a right footed shot on the bounce into the top left corner of the net. Shortly after Playford made it two, Jack Larkin sent Sean Hanley away down the left, beating the full-bak he drifted inside and very unselfishly played the ball to Max Pryke who calmly let the ball come across his body and side footed the ball into the left hand corner of the net. The shot wrong footing the 'keeper completely, it was Max's first of the campaign. Playford continued to dominate well into the second half without ever really being threatened. With about five minutes to go Todd Bartlett is found in acres of space by Byron down the right, Todd let's fly from the edge of the box and the ball floats into the top left also for his first of the campaign.

Result 3-0 Won

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