Player's Player Winners

Player's Player Winners 2017

Reserves - Byron Stretton

Byron started the season as a full-back. A position deemed by himself as somewhere he would damage his hamstrings by running too much, how ironic that seems now! He picked up his first Man of the Match for a right back display against Rushmere & Diamonds.

A switch to three at the back saw Byron move into a holding midfield role a position that seems to suit him perfectly. In his first game in the new position, against Eastern Electricity he picked up the Man of the Match.

He scored goals against Trinity, once in each fixture, and Northam Celtic, but none of these performances earned him Man of the Match’s. It was for games where he would break up play, cover enormous amounts of ground and work tirelessly for the team. It is no coincidence that his man of the match awards come against the toughest opposition. His five later awards coming against division winners Felixstowe Rangers Reserves, twice and runners up Great Blakenham, twice and finally for the Cup Final.

When playing in midfield with Byron he seems to be everywhere. He is able to beat players with quick feet and is developing an eye for a pass, Byron's energy and strength make him a formidable midfielder. Like I said with the amount of running Byron now does in his favoured position easily clocking up 12/14km a game, it is ironic that at the start of the season he was playing right back to save his hamstrings!

Firsts - Nick Bingham

Initially the Player of the Season voting was all over the place, poor early season form for the first team led to votes being cast for many different players the first nine matches saw nine different man of the match's. But a late surge in good performances both team wise and individually resulted in a clear winner.

Nick has always been near the top of the voting but he left it late this season. After securing an early award for his brace against Queens in October it was not until the last six matches of the season and coincidentally the return of Rob from injury.

  • A goal at home against Capel Plough.
  • Man of the Match against Martlesham Old Boys.
  • Hat-trick and Man of the Match against Bourne Vale Rangers.
  • A brace and Man of the Match against Claydon.
  • Nick did not play against The Feathers.
  • Another hat-trick, an assist and Man of the Match away against Capel Plough.
Nick scored nine of the last 23 goals, 40%. He and Rob contributed 14, 60%.

Nick's five awards this season sees him reach 28 in total, ten ahead of the next nearest. This season's Player's Player of the Season award is his third equalling Mark Bulstrode and Alex Brunt arguably making him one of greatest players the club has had.

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